Claude Messinger introduce the Badchan

Biography of Mosche Messinger

(Claude) Mosche Messinger, born in Zürich, Switzerland

  • 1969-1971 : Acrobatics at Max Lüem at OPERNHAUS ZÜRICH
  • 1971-1975 : learns violin from his uncle Elemér GLANZ in Zürich
  • 1982 : Graduated at mime school MARCEL MARCEAU in Paris
  • 1981 : Theater fencing certificate
  • 1982-2006 : One Man Show shows, Television ads and roles for cinema
  • 2006-2023 : Manager TECHNICAL NOVELTS to perpetuate my father's invention, an intelligent mirror
  • 2016-2023 : Studies on childhood and self-teaching ...
  • 2023 : Training iheart and LAUGHTER YOGA with Dr. Madan Kataria. And finalisation of the new show of the BAD

1995-2006: MOVIES

  • MERLIN THE WIZARD by XD-Production (90 min. – performance in motion capture of all male characters, broadcast by ARTE France)
  • INFORMATIVE CHARACTERISTICS – DVD by Nicolas and Bruno (The Telecreators) Role: Presenter JP Ranu
  • HOME PRISON Feature film by Christophe Jacrot, with Elie Kakou
  • CLASSROOM on France3 – September 2005 (Pilot for TV series)
  • GROUND ZERO by Laurent De Vismes (Short film)
  • PANIC ATTACKS by O.Babinet and B.Mandico (Pilot for TV series)
  • COGIP 2000 Telecreators (Pilot for TV series)
  • JANSSEN CILAG (Documentary – Illustration mimed on Epilepsy disease) by Dominique Soret


  • KINDER BUENO by Jean Yves Lafesse
  • JACQUET by Thierry Dupety
  • FLUNCH by Jean Yves Lafesse
  • ROAD SAFETY by Jean Pierre Jeunet
  • MIR COLOURS by Philippe Lioret
  • AIR FRANCE by Patricia Murphy
  • DIM by Patricia Murphy
  • SKIP by Jean Pierre Vergne
  • BADOIT by Didier Kerbrat
  • CITROEN by J.B. Leonetti
  • BEST WESTERN by Pierre Isoard
  • ING BANK by Bertrand Mandico
  • POPULAR DISEASE by the Hutch
  • PRESTIGE (Great Britain) by Jeff Stark
  • HALFORDS (Holland) by Frits Lentvar

1982-2006: SHOWS

  • One Man Shows and Galas – Théâtre du Rond Point Grand Mezze 2003/4 with François Rollin and Edouard Baer – Théâtre Bouffe Scene-Nice – Disneyland-Paris – Pro Cultura-St.Moritz Switzerland – Mediterranean Club – La Poste – Lanz-oensingen AG – Switzerland – Schools – Associations – Galas etc.


  • Manager TECHNICAL NOVELTIES sarl – Cosmetic mirror manufacturing and marketing company –


  • Studies on childhood and self-taught learning...


  • Training iheart (Teaching training to teach young people about their innate resilience and mental well-being).
  • Certification training "leader of laughter" at Dr. Madan Kataria (India) LAUGHTER YOGALaughter as therapy for good physical and moral health.
  • New show of the Badchan solo and duet with Elie Lellouche is finally ready.
  • Conference/Show "For a Chinuch focused on the child, in order to enable children to deploy their full potential" is also ready to take action ...

I was born in Zürich, Switzerland. From an early age, I explored various artistic disciplines. From acrobatics at the Zürich Opera, via violin lessons with my uncle Elemér Glanz, I quickly developed a passion for physical comedy. My path led me to the Marcel Marceau mime school in Paris, where I obtained my diploma. I also earned a diploma in theater fencing. My film career was marked by a variety of roles, notably in productions such as "Merlin l'Enchanteur" for ARTE and "Prison à Domicile". I've also had the opportunity to appear in a number of advertisings.

In 2006, I decided to take a break and perpetuate my father's invention of an intelligent mirror by setting up my own company, specializing in the manufacture and marketing of cosmetic mirrors, available on It was a rich and fruitful period of a completely different kind.

In 2016 I stumbled across a pedagogy that makes sense, which prompted me to delve deeper into the subject on my own, focusing on childhood and learning. Recently, I trained in iheart, a revolutionary teaching method designed to help young people discover their innate resilience and mental well-being. It's of first-rate, urgent public benefit and is already proving a great success.

Today, I've found a serious company who will continue to manufacture my mirrors, allowing me to devote myself entirely to my new show on Badchan and my contribution to an intelligent pedagogy for our youth.

In memory of...

This site is dedicated to the memory of my dear parents; my father Jules Messinger (-) and my mother Susanne Messinger-Barenholz (-) and my dear paternal grandparents; Max Messinger and Eva Messinger-Stazower and my dear maternal grandparents; Saly Barenholz (

My father and my grandfather both had a wonderful gift of making people laugh and doing good and they always used it, especially at weddings for the pleasure and joy of the brides. They were real Badchanim.

I don't forget my dear uncle Elemér Glanz Who brought me so much.

In October 1996, I filmed my father at a Jewish charity party in Zürich, Switzerland, where he tells stories of Scholem Aleichem and jokes in Yiddisch. The optical quality is not perfect, but its charm and its unique humour are quickly felt. He speaks in German and Yiddisch and short breaks are performed by the singer Mrs Vogel: