Claude Messinger introduce the Badchan

The interventions of the Badchan

Badchan's interventions: Shows, lectures, trainings and teachings

Shows, lectures, trainings and teachings

The Badchan is active in three areas:

  1. SHOWS adapted according to audiences from 2 to 120 years, for 1 to 1000 spectators.
  2. CONFERENCES and TRAINING for Mechanchim Morim and Morot , parents and young future parents. For a Chinuch "Kedarko" to enable children to realize their full potential.
  3. EDUCATION of "iheart"preventive mental health education for young people and adults. Discovers its well-being and innate resilience. Dispensed in direct, group or individual and also by ZOOM.


The "Badchanim" in action

Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and the discovery of real life is being lost in favor of computers, laptops and tablets, which are making us more and more consumer-connected. The spectacular is on Youtube etc. Have you seen it? By believing we're connected, we disconnect from life, love and essential human relationships. Our children are the first victims. So, can a show, often unsolicited at school, win them over? And yet, we want to please them! So how do we go about it?

The Guemara tell us about Badchanim , genres of fun, humorists, people who re-connect people to regain taste in life. It is towards this direction that Mosche Messinger is heading with his show "The Badchan". It's a start to getting the debate going, and to getting parents and educators to think and act, while making us laugh heartily, as Jewish humor allows. And our humor is so powerful in changing things that even Anti-Semites love it...

Six years ago, Mosche Messinger and Elie Lellouche created the Badchanim It was delicious. Time has passed and today they are ready to continue this beautiful adventure. Just open them your door...

Here are excerpts from their show in 2017